Phone Upgrade (Replacing a phone)

What does it mean to upgrade my phone?
If you have an existing line of service with Optimum Mobile and would like to purchase a new phone for this line, you are upgrading your phone. It does not matter if you purchased the device from Optimum Mobile or somewhere else. If you do not have an outstanding balance due to Optimum Mobile on that line, you can upgrade your phone immediately.


Who can upgrade?
If you brought your own phone when you signed up for Optimum Mobile service, you can upgrade at any time. If you purchased a phone from Optimum Mobile, you can upgrade your phone at any time as long as you do not have an outstanding balance on that phone (a remaining financed balance). If you are still financing your phone from Optimum Mobile but would like to upgrade, first pay off the balance on your phone, then request an upgrade.


How do I get a new device for an existing line?
If you need a new phone for an existing line, check that you do not owe money on the phone already associated with the line. You must own the phone (either you brought it with you when you signed up for our service or you paid off its entire balance when you bought it from us). Learn how to pay off your phone.


How do I upgrade?

Upgrading is easy!  If you are ready to upgrade to a new phone, follow these steps. simply select your new device, add it to your cart and check out.  You will be prompted to sign in to MyMobile along the way. Learn more here.


I just upgraded my phone. What will my bill look like?
If you upgraded your phone and chose to finance a new one, expect to see how much you put down and any new financing charges on your next bill.


I just upgraded my phone. What do I do when it arrives?
When your new phone arrives, take the SIM from your old phone and insert it into the new phone. To insert a SIM, turn off your phone and locate the SIM tray on your phone (it will be on the top or on the side). Use a SIM ejector tool to open the SIM tray (if you don’t have an ejector tool, try a paper clip. Just be careful not to push too hard). Remove the SIM from the old phone and repeat the first steps on the new phone. Once you’ve inserted the SIM into your new phone, power up and follow the instructions on your screen. You may need to connect to WiFi to complete your phone setup.

If you are an eSIM customer, learn more here.


I just upgraded my phone. What do I do with my SIM card?
Keep your SIM because you will use it with your new phone. If you have lost your SIM or discarded it with the old phone, contact us and we will send a new one right away.