How do I access my call, text and data history details?

1. Sign in to MyMobile
2. Tap My Lines
3. Tap the number you want to check the history
4. Tap My usage
5. Tap View history
6. Navigate on the Data, Talk, or Text tabs to see your usage history


Option 2: Request the Call Detail Records (CDR) be emailed to you. The request may take up to (3) weeks to fulfill. Download the “Call Detail Records Request Form” and then fax/mail the form along with an identification for current account owner to:
Altice USA
Attn: Shared Services
1111 Stewart Ave
Bethpage, NY 11714
Fax: 516-803-1688

Acceptable Identification
Photocopy of one (1) of the following is required:
• Current and valid Driver's License
• Current and valid Passport
• Current and valid Federal or State ID
• Military ID
• Permanent Resident Card