As an existing Unlimited Everything customer, what happens to my international calling and roaming with these new flexible plan options?

If you are an Optimum Mobile customer who signed up for service prior to September 13, 2020, all of your previous benefits will remain the same for as long as you stay on this plan.

The 35+ countries will continue to be available to you free of charge for international calling, texting, and roaming.

International Calling: Since Groups A and B include countries that are in your unlimited everything plan, you have been automatically opted into these groups. You will not see this within your account on MyMobile, but you will be able to make calls and send SMS to countries in Group A and B.

Roaming: You are automatically opted in to a monthly recurring roaming package for Groups A and B (which corresponds with your previous 35+ countries. For more details, click here. This package offers you 1GB of high-speed data, talk, and text in these countries. If you would like to add additional high-speed data, you can do so by adding a Day or Week package from your account in MyMobile.