3-months Free Promotion

Who is eligible for this offer?
New Optimum Internet and/or TV customers and new Optimum Mobile customers. Customers must sign up for Optimum Mobile within 30 days of activating their Internet and/or TV service to receive mobile credit. Individual credits will be awarded to each mobile line added.
What steps are required for me to get the 3-months free mobile service?
1.  Sign up for Optimum Internet and/or TV service
2.  Activate Internet and/or TV service
3.  Sign up for Optimum Mobile service by calling 1.866.213.3203
Which mobile plans can I sign up for under this offer?
You can sign up for any one of our three mobile plans (1 GB, 3 GB or Unlimited GB)—the choice is yours.
During the 3-month promotional period, will I be able to switch (upgrade or downgrade) my mobile plan?
You are free to change your mobile plan anytime.
What happens if I disconnect my Internet or TV service within the first 3 months?
You will lose your mobile credit, and you will need to pay for Optimum Mobile service at our standard rates.

Do I have to pay Optimum Mobile’s activation fee?
No, the activation fee is waived.
Am I eligible to purchase or finance phones under this offer?
Under this offer, can I also purchase or finance phones that are currently on promotional discounts?
Yes, you can purchase or finance phones that are currently on promotion with this offer.
When will I see my free service credit on my bill?
You will see your first and second months’ credits on your second mobile bill.
Will I be responsible for paying taxes?
Taxes are not included in this offer. Standard taxes and fees apply.
When does this offer end?
September 30, 2021