3-Months Free Offer

What is the offer?

Get three months of free service when you add a new line to an existing account.

How long does this offer last?

You can take advantage of this offer anytime through January 10th,2022.

Who is eligible?

All existing Optimum Mobile customers are eligible.

Can I choose any plan?

Yes! You may choose any existing plan that we offer.

Can I sign up for multiple lines and get 3 months free on each?

Yes! You may add multiple lines and they will all be eligible for this offer. Keep in mind, Optimum Mobile accounts are limited to a maximum of five (5) lines.

Do I need to buy a new phone when I add a new line?

No, you may bring your own phone, however, we do have some excellent holiday offers if you want to buy a new phone.

May I combine this offer with other phone offers?

Yes! Feel free to take advantage of any of the great offers we are currently running.

When will I see my first credit on my bill?

You will see your first month’s credit in your second mobile bill. Credits will continue for three additional months, and after that, you will be billed for the rate for the plan you chose.

Do I have to pay an activation fee?

Yes, there is a one-time activation fee per line to initiate service.

What happens if I cancel my service before the end of the 3 months?

The credits will simply end. The credits that you received up to cancelation will remain.

Can I change my plan during the 3 free months?

Yes, you may change your plan at anytime and you will still receive three free months regardless of which plan you choose.