How do I manually activate my eSIM on my iPhone?

If you only have one device, proceed with manual activation. If you have another device, learn how to activate your eSIM using the QR code.

1. Sign in to MyMobile

2. Tap Activate Service

3. Tap the number you want to activate

4. Read the instructions on your screen and tap Let’s go

- You must have an unlocked phone

- Activate with a QR code

- Make sure WiFi is on

5. Under Activate manually, tap Get started

6. MyMobile will display your SM-DP + Address and Activation Code

7. Tap Settings on your iPhone

8. Tap Cellular

9. Tap Add eSIM

10. Tap Use QR Code


11. Tap Enter Details Manually, at the bottom of your iPhone screen

12. Manually type your SM-DP+Address and Activation Code

13. Tap Next at the right top of your iPhone screen

14. Check the box on MyMobile to confirm you’ve updated your phone’s settings

15. Tap Finish Activation

If you are porting your number, enter your Account Number, PIN, last four digits of your SSN, and ZIP code, then tap Start Transfer. Learn what information you need to complete your transfer.

16. Tap Back to Overview

Learn how to transfer your phone number to Optimum Mobile

For any other issues activating your service, please tap or speak with an Optimum Mobile expert at 866-200-7186.