I have lines with the Loyalty discount and Internet + Mobile Savings and added a line after August 1, 2021.

Any discounts you received on lines added before August 1, 2021, will continue as usual.  New lines added after August 1st (or lines that are changed due to upgrade or downgrade of plans) will be placed on the new pricing structure, which incorporates all discounts (Internet and Mobile Savings, Multi-line, and Autopay) in the base price.  This price assumes customers have an Internet account with Optimum.  If this is not the case, customers will be charged a $20 non-Internet Customer surcharge on each new line per month. 

If you received a loyalty discount, Autopay discount, Internet + Mobile Savings, or Multi-Line discount on your old lines, you will continue to receive these.  Your new lines have these discounts rolled into the price already.  We recommend reviewing previous bills if you do not remember which discounts you received on previous lines.