How can I upgrade my device?

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your new device
  3. Select Payment Option
  4. Tap Add to Cart
  5. Tap Yes, login to my account
  6. Enter your login and password details
    • If your Optimum Internet account isn't linked to your Mobile account, we will ask you to do it. You can Skip or enter your Optimum Internet account number and tap Submit
  7. Tap Upgrade a line
  8. Pick the line you want to upgrade
  9. Tap Upgrade
  10. Tap Continue
  11. Tap Proceed to checkout
  12. Confirm your shipping address and tap Continue
  13. Enter your SSN, Date of birth and tap Save and continue
  14. Tap Apply changes
  15. Tap Save and Continue
  16. Answer the Security questions
  17. Select Payment method
  18. Select the checkboxes and tap Agree and continue
  19. Tap Continue
  20. Tap Place order