Why can I not finance a device with Optimum Mobile?

There are lots of reasons to buy a new device, from wanting a device that doesn't lag or freeze or rapidly lose charge, all the way through seeking a fresh new start when you change service to a new carrier. 

Unfortunately, there are some cases where we cannot offer any amount of financing. We've listed some of these instances below, along with actions that might help.

  • Frozen credit. In order to know how much credit we can offer you, we need to run a credit check. If you have frozen your credit, you will need to contact the credit bureau and at least temporarily unfreeze it so we can verify your credit history.
  • You have another Optimum Mobile account: If you previously opened an Optimum Mobile account even if you then disconnected the line(s) and did not use the account you will need to use that account to purchase devices with credit.