What is Wi-Fi Calling and why should I use it?

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to place and receive calls in locations where the LTE Network has a weak signal or isn’t available. With Wi-Fi Calling enabled, you get better call quality and fewer dropped calls. It’s also included at no extra charge with your service.


How to turn on Wi-Fi Calling

If using Wi-Fi Calling for the first time, you may be asked to register a U.S. address. Emergency services will provide 911 dispatchers with this location if your GPS information isn’t available or you call 911 using Wi-Fi Calling. If you have more questions about E-911, visit How do I update my E-911 registered address?

If you are traveling abroad, WiFi calling must be turned on by an Optimum Mobile expert.  Simply Chat with us to enable it and get the best call quality even when you are traveling.

Visit our Tutorials page for instructions on how to enable Wi-Fi Calling.