How do I change my monthly data options?

You have the flexibility to change your monthly plan at any time.

1. Sign in to MyMobile
2. Click My lines
3. Select the line for which you would like to adjust your data
4. Click My plan
5. Choose your new monthly data option, then click Update data option
6. Review your order details, then click Confirm to change your monthly data option
7. You will see a confirmation message with your new monthly data option, any immediate charges, your new monthly charges, and start date


A few things to keep in mind when changing your monthly data option:

  • If you added more data, your new monthly data allotment will take effect immediately and you will be charged the difference between the two options to your credit card on file
  •  If you lowered your data, the change will take effect with your next billing cycle and you will not see any changes in your monthly charges until that point
  • You must be enrolled in AutoPay to make a change