How do I use a SIM PIN on my iPhone?

SIM PIN is an optional feature that when enabled, prevents a SIM card from being used by others for mobile calls or cellular data. Every time the device is restarted or the SIM Card is removed, the SIM card will automatically lock and display "Locked SIM" in the status bar. When locked, a 4-digit PIN is required to unlock the device in order to place mobile calls and use cellular data.

Turn your SIM PIN on or off
1. Go to Settings > Cellular > SIM PIN
2. Turn on your SIM PIN on or off
3. If prompted, enter the SIM PIN. If you have never used a SIM PIN, enter the Optimum Mobile default SIM PIN which is “1234”
4. Tap Save

If you forgot your SIM PIN, don't know your SIM PIN, or your SIM card is locked
The default Optimum Mobile SIM PIN is “1234”. The SIM card in your mobile device will become locked if you enter an incorrect SIM PIN 3 times.

1. Enter the default Optimum Mobile SIM PIN "1234”
2. If that does not work, you will need to Chat with us to obtain your SIM card’s unique PIN Unlock Key (PUK) to unlock your SIM card
3. Enter the PUK into your mobile device
4. Enter a new SIM PIN

Note: Entering an incorrect PUK 10 times will permanently lock your SIM card. If the SIM card becomes permanently locked, you will need to swap it for a new SIM card. For a new SIM card, visit an Optimum Mobile store or Chat with us.