New 329 Area Code in New York

What is the new 329 area code overlay? 

To keep the supply of phone numbers adequate for local customers, the New York State Public Service Commission has added a new 329 area code to supplement the existing 845 area code. This new area code is scheduled to go live in 2023. 


What is an area code overlay? 

An area code overlay happens when a local public service commission claims a new area code to supplement an existing one in a particular area. The goal is to increase the number of local numbers available in a specific region.  

Area code overlays are a sign of growth for a region, since it means that there are now enough people and businesses based there that the phone number supply is running short.  


Where is the new 329 area code located and who is affected? 

The new 329 area code is meant to supplement the existing 845 area code, and so it will serve the same geographic area. This includes Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester counties.  


If I’m based in New York and I already have an 845 area code, am I affected? 

No, this overlay will not directly affect you. The area code overlay simply expands the supply of phone numbers, it does not modify existing ones.  


When does the new 329 area code become effective? 

Starting on March 24h, 2023, the new 329 area code will be available to supplement the existing 845 area code.  Both new subscribers and existing customers who are adding new lines will be able to select a 329 area code. 


What is changing for me? 

The 329 area code will work just like any other area code. If you are an existing customer in the 845 area code and you are not adding any new lines to your phone plans, nothing will change for you in the immediate future. 

Starting March 24, 2023, anyone setting up a new phone line in the 845 area will now have the option to pick a 329 phone number. After that date, you may start to see 329 phone numbers pop up around you. 


What do I need to do? 

Nothing is needed from you at this time. After March 24, 2023, you may start to see local businesses and personal contacts with phone numbers that have a 329 area code. As with any area code, make sure you dial “1” before the ten-digit phone number to make a call.