New 924 Area Code in Minnesota

Since the 507 area code in Minnesota will run out of new phone numbers by the end of 2025, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is adding a new 924 area code overlay.

What is an area code overlay?

An overlay takes place when a new area code (924) becomes available in an area served by another area code (507). 

Who's affected by this overlay?

Any person or business opening a new line of service in the 507 area will be affected by this area code overlay, since they will now have the option to choose a telephone number with a 942 area code.

The 507 area code region encompasses much of southern Minnesota, including Olmsted County.

What will be the new dialing procedure?

Effective immediately, everyone in the region needs to start dialing 10 digits —  area code plus seven-digit phone number — to make calls, regardless of whether they are making local or long-distance calls.

When will the change begin?

Starting July 30, 2024, callers must dial the area code followed by the phone number on any call, even if calling locally within the same area code. Otherwise, the call will not be completed.

Beginning August 30, 2024, new telephone lines may be assigned numbers starting with the 924 area code.

Effective July 21, 2023, you should begin dialing the area code + telephone number whenever you place a call. Your call will still be completed if you forget and dial just seven digits.

What will stay the same after the overlay?

  • Your telephone number, including your current area code, will not change.
  • The cost of a call or other rates and services will not change due to the overlay.
  • Local call will remain local calls, even when dialed with the area code. 
  • Three digits will still connect you to 911 and 988, as well as 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, or 811 if available in your area.

Who may you contact with questions?

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