Poor Audio on Calls

If you are experiencing poor audio on calls, try these steps:

  • If the problem is only with a specific number (not all calls), try calling from another line. The issue may be with the person you are calling if only happening with a specific mobile number.
  • Increase the device’s volume and ensure it is not muted.
  • Remove any cases or covers that may be inadvertently covering the microphone or speaker.
  • Turn off Bluetooth. Device may be connected to an external microphone and/or speaker.
  • Enable/Disable Airplane mode. This will re-establish connect with the Optimum Mobile network.
  • Reboot/Restart Device
  • Update the device to the most current OS/Software version available. Device manufactures release updates to optimize performance.
  • Change Wi-Fi Calling preferences to Cellular Preferred or Cellular Only.


One-way audio, no audio, or echo:

  • If you see a headphone icon in the notification bar, plug in a headset, turn off the device, remove the headset, and turn the device on again.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on the device.
  • Turn off both the TTY mode and hearing aid options.
  • Android devices:
    • Wipe the cache partition.
  • Apple devices:
    • Turn off Wi-Fi Assist in Setting > Cellular > Wi-Fi Assist (must scroll to bottom)
    • Reset network settings in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • Uninstall or disable downloaded calling apps, such as Google Voice, Skype, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc..


Static, low, muffled or garbled audio:

  • Blow in the microphone hole to get rid of any dust or pocket lint that may be inside.


Headset audio is poor

  • Wired: With the headset still plugged in, restart the device.
  • Wireless: Charge the wireless headset completely.
  • Turn off Bluetooth on the device and turn it back on again.
  • Make sure the headset successfully pairs.
  • If the problem continues, contact the device manufacturer concerning their headset support.


If issue persists after following steps above:

  • Please contact our Customer Service Agents for additional assistance.
  • Before contacting us, document 2 examples of the issue that includes:
    • Date & Time
    • Mobile number originating the call
    • Mobile number receiving the call
    • Location of device (specific street address)
    • Network Connected to (Optimum 5G, Optimum LTE, Optimum WiFi, etc.)
    • Signal Strength (0-4 Bars)
    • Device Make & Model
    • Device Software Version/Baseband