What is my E-911 registered address?

Your E-911 address is used by emergency services to determine your location. When you enable WiFi Calling, you'll be asked to register a physical address to ensure that you’re provided with emergency services if you call 911 over WiFi.

It is important to keep this registered address updated with your current location.

  • 911 calls will first attempt to use the cellular network. If you are at your registered location and wireless coverage is unavailable, your device will try to complete a 911 call using the WiFi Calling functionality.
  • If your GPS location is available, the device’s location may be transmitted to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points), but if GPS or your device location is not known to the network, your registered location will be used to route the call.

Therefore, keeping your registered location up to date is very important. Learn how to update your E-911 address

911 calls may not be available or may be limited when using WiFi Calling for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to network and/or Internet connectivity or congestion, loss of commercial power, interference, and/or equipment or device failure, and other problems.