Why am I getting a “SIM is locked” message on my device?

The SIM Card on your mobile device will become locked if you enter an incorrect SIM PIN three times.  The default Optimum Mobile SIM PIN is “1234”.

To unlock your SIM Card, reset the PIN by entering your SIM Card’s unique PUK (PIN Unlock Key).

To unlock your SIM Card

  1. Chat with us to obtain your PUK (PIN Unlock Key)
  2. Enter the PUK (PIN Unlock Key) into your mobile device
  3. Enter a new SIM PIN

Note: Entering an incorrect PUK (PIN Unlock Key) 10 times will permanently lock your SIM Card. If the SIM Card becomes permanently locked, you will need to swap it for a new SIM Card. If you need a new SIM Card, visit an Optimum Mobile store or contact us.