Can I make calls and send texts internationally?

If you are an Optimum Mobile customer who signed up for service prior to September 13, 2020, please find additional details about your international plan here. 

To talk and text from the US to international destinations, you will need to enable a monthly International add-on. You can find the most up-to-date information about which countries fall into which Group here. Each group add-on includes 500 minutes of voice calls and 400 SMS / MMS per month.

1. Sign in to MyMobile
2. Click My lines
3. Select the line you would like to use to call internationally
4. Click My add-ons
5. Click Manage International add-ons
6. Select the appropriate group of countries you would like to connect with
7. Click Add International now

You will receive an SMS shortly after, letting you know the add-on is ready to use. The first month's charges will be prorated on your bill to reflect the date that you added the add-on. For your convenience, this add-on will stay on your account month-to-month unless you turn it off (at which point it will remain on your line until the end of your billing cycle).