Setting up your service

The following information on how to set up your service and manage your account will help you to save time and data in the long run.

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling is included at no additional charge and enables you to place and receive calls in locations where the network has a weak signal or is unavailable. Having Wi-Fi calling enabled improves call quality and reduces dropped calls. Learn more about why you should use it here.

Saving data

Reduce your data usage even if you are on an unlimited plan. It’s easy to do if you follow these simple steps.


With voicemail, you can access your messages and play them back. Learn how to access your voicemail.

Managing add-ons

You can buy an additional 1 GB of data at any time. Learn how.

To make calls abroad, pick the right travel pass for you. Learn more.

To talk and text from the US to an international destination, choose an International monthly add-on. Learn more.

Managing your account

You can manage your account anytime, anywhere with MyMobile. On MyMobile, you can:


For further support setting up your service, contact us to reach an Optimum Mobile expert 24/7.