Getting Started

Whether you are a new customer or adding a line to your existing account, here’s everything you need to know to set up your device and activate your service.

Set up your device

We offer detailed step-by-step instructions for each major device manufacturer to help you set up your device

If you brought your own device (BYOD), you need to follow the steps in the sections below — but first, you must make sure your device is unlocked. If you haven’t already unlocked your device, start by connecting with your previous carrier to make sure it gets done.

Connecting your device to Wi-Fi and enabling Wi-Fi Calling will improve service quality and help you save data. You may also need a Wi-Fi connection to activate your device.

    • eSIM customers must connect to Wi-Fi to activate their service.
    • Physical SIM customers can access MyMobile from another device to follow the activation steps and skip this Wi-Fi connection step.

Make sure your device has the most current operating system (OS) installed. We support iOS or Android with step-by-step guides to update your device. Even after activation, we recommend installing your system updates to help you get the best service—and so we can provide the best support.

Transfer your number

If you want to transfer (port-in) your number to Optimum Mobile, you will first need to provide some information about your previous carrier. Once the port-in is complete, your service with the previous carrier will be canceled automatically.

Please note: If you cancel service with your previous carrier before we complete the transfer, you will lose your number.

You can either choose to transfer your number during your purchase or at a later time.

    • If you opt to transfer your number at the time of purchase, we will send you instructions on when to complete the transfer.

Activating your service

When activating a new number, you need to sign in to MyMobile to complete activation.

    • If you have a physical SIM card: make sure it is inserted into the device you want to use, whether it’s your new device or a device you’re bringing over to Optimum Mobile. Then, use our guide to walk through the steps to activate service. Once you insert your SIM card, accept the Carrier Setting Update (required).

Set up your service

Check out our instructions on how to finish setting up your service, manage your account using MyMobile, and optimize your service quality wherever you take your device.


For further support getting started, contact us to reach an Optimum Mobile expert 24/7.

You may also want to add to your safe sender list to ensure our emails don’t get stuck in your junk or spam folder.

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